Saturday 12 January 2019, at 17.00 Auditorium of Villa Pertusati, Rosignano Marittimo Resources and settlements in coastal northern Etruria Almost twenty years after the first edition, the Archaeological Museum is now equipped with a new guide, updated to the rearrangements that have followed one another since its opening to the public, in the now distant 1996, and the most recent results of the investigations in progress. This volume - Like the Museum - aims to be a prerequisite for understanding history and visiting the area. Describes the museum collections, but represents a summad of our historical roots and of the local identity. We hope that it will be an additional tool of knowledge and deepening available to our community, a community that is changing its appearance ever faster and that for this reason has a growing need to orientate investigating the many cultural identities that compose it, the result of continuous contamination among the many civilizations that overlooked the Mediterranean, which indissolubly intertwined their stories and their destinies, to bring us today to be what we are. An extraordinary opportunity to understand the past to be better and aware citizens in the contemporary world. Alessandro Franchi Mayor of Rosignano Marittimo

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